Saturn 2 AD Board


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UHD(3840x2160, 4096x2160) resolution display format.
Up scaling can do VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA,SXGA, UXGA to UHD VESA Standard Mode.
Provides up to 30-bit color and 8Ch LVDS, V-by-1 interface,e-DP1.1(2Ch)/e-DP 1.2(1Ch) Interface
HDMI connector/HDMI 2.0 /4K2K@60Hz 1Port 4K2K@30Hz 3Port, MHL
DP connector 4K2K@60Hz, Daisy chain
PIP/ PBP(L/R, Top/Bottom)/4P(4Windows)Function
OSD/Display Rotation Function
Over driver / Over scan Function
6Color control
PCM(Precise color management)
Sharpness/Hue/Color Support
Gamma Control
Color Effect Function
Response time Control
Remote Control
UART for RS232 Control
DP MST(Multi Stream, up to FHD 4 EA) or Daisy chain Output.
Speaker 20Wx 2ch
PIP Sound Choice
In case of Vx1 16 lanes type TFT-LCD module, this driving board can be integrated with an FRC board separately.

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