Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)

With their specialty and expertise in display manufacturing, EDT started technology and process development for capacitive touch in 2007.

From the conception of the sandwich type STN display, EDT launched PolyTech with two-piece glass structure (Glass with X-sensor + Glass with Y-sensor). Later in 2009, EDT introduced single side multiple layer structure, cover glass + glass with X and Y sensor.

Due to growing demand for portable devices, slimmer single glass sensor solution was also introduced in development and production phases in 2010. The first launch of OGS (One Glass Solution) was in the following year 2011, manufactured by Sheet Glass process through secondary strengthen process. Then in 2012, EDT started the development TOL (Touch on Lens) with chip glass process so the structure is even more robust.


In order to develop these different technologies, EDT invest and focus a lot on IP development and now have more than 100 patents, of which 60% are for performance improvement while 40% are related to process development.

With extensive use of capacitive touch technology on smartphone, people are becoming familiar and used to its unique natural and intuitive characteristics. This is also affecting many other non-consumer products thus lead to innovative change in man-machine interface. For instance, multi-touch has the functions of tapping, switching, scrolling with one finger, gesture functions like zooming and rotating with two fingers, single finger with gesture and multi-point touch.

Its unique features make capacitive touch technology rugged and reliable, and gradually replace functions of traditional key switch and resistive type touch. It is the trend to integrate Multi-touch function into all kinds of product applications and development of projective CTP has been the mainstream in recent years. CTP is making it part of everyones daily life including other applications such as industrial control, medical, home automation, equipment and automotive etc.