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  • Amulet Technologies
    Amulet Technologies all in one touchscreen solution empowers users to easily attain their desired human machine interface (HMI) with minimal time and effort. As the only complete design to display touchscreen solution, Amulet enables designers to quickly go from concept to completion by providing an industry leading graphical user interface (GUI) software suite and plug and play touch screen modules. The GEMstudio Pro software paired with an Amulet GEMmodule is the perfect solution for solving any touchscreen display requirement. With diversity in mind, the GEMmodules are designed for a large range of applications, from industrial, appliance, and medical to home and building automation and consumer electronics.
  • Bluechip Technology
    Blue Chip Technology are a leading designer and manufacturer of ARM and PC based products in the UK. In addition to designing their own products they also custom design products to your design. They have in house microprocessor, high speed digital, power supply, analogue and general electronics design.They can develop operating systems for Windows, Linux and Android, and are experienced in designing plastic, extruded and sheet metal enclosures.
  • Direct Insight
    Direct Insight provides adaptable solutions, enabling you to bring smart, connected embedded devices to market quickly and cost-effectively. They are experienced specialists in combining existing and bespoke technology to create a pragmatic solution which meets the commercial and technical needs of our customers. Often existing platforms are adapted or evolved, avoiding the delay and expense of a ground-up approach. Direct Insight use ARM, x86 and FPGA technologies, with Linux, Android and Windows Embedded operating systems.

  • Disteck

    Disteck are a Korean manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of AD and ARM based controller boards, driving TFT displays from AUO, NLT, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Sharp. 

  • EDT Smart Embedded
  • Lascar PanelPilot
    Panel Pilot is a software platform that allows configuration and customisation of a range of compatible colour displays.

    The software contains a large and ever increasing library of standard meter configurations which can be customized in minutes to your precise requirements. These configurations can then be downloaded to any Panel Pilot compatible display.

    At launch users can select from six meter configurations including analogue, digital and bar graph styles. Users can customize the colours, text labels and scaling to their needs before downloading the configuration to their display.

    The software is licensed on an annual subscription basis, with the first year free with the purchase of any Panel Pilot compatible display.