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  • Amulet Technolgies

    Amulet Technologies enables manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smartphone-like user interfaces on new and existing microcontroller based products. The core technology, which includes Amulet's royalty-free Graphical Operating System, runs the entire user interface, including managing and mapping all touch panel control. Amulet is the only GUI solution on the market that enables new and existing systems with any kind of processor (including 8-bit micros) to implement a GUI with smartphone-like graphics.  Amulet's complete graphical user interface (GUI) solutions are the perfect fit for embedded markets such as industrial, appliance, medical, home & building automation, test & measurement, office automation, consumer electronics and automotive.

  • BOE

    BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is a supplier of Internet of Things technologies, products and services. BOE focuses on three core businesses: display devices (including panels, modules and sets), smart systems and healthcare services

    BOE’s products are widely used in a broad spectrum of applications such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, TVs, vehicle displays, digital information displays and wearable devices.

    The company’s innovation concept is based on the following: ‘Technology leadership, First-global-launch products and Value co-creation”. BOE currently has over 40,000 usable patents, ranking #1 globally in semiconductor display industry.

    At the moment BOE has 11 production lines in operation. This includes a Gen 5 TFT LCD line and a Gen 8.5 TFT LCD line in Beijing. Other production lines are located in Chengdu, Hefei, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Ordos. The world’s highest generation line, a Gen 10.5 TFT LCD line in Hefei started pilot production in October, and will be in mass production by January, 2018.

    BOE has manufacturing bases located in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hefei, Ordos, Gu’an, Suzhou and Xiamen. Finally, BOE also has an extensive global marketing, sales and service network, which covers the world’s major areas including Europe, America and Asia.

  • CDTech

    Established in 2008, CDTech (HK) Electronics is located in Shenzhen, China, with logistics and financial services based in Hong Kong. During the past three years, they have invested in one LCD factory, one LCM factory and one digital device factory manned by a total of 500 employees in an 8,000sqm production space. 

    CDTech specialise in Bar Style TFT Displays from 2.9 inch up to 12.3 inch.

  • Clover Displays
    Clover (trefoil) usually has three leaves, but occasionally it has four leaves, a probability of 1 in 1000. The four-leaf clovers, like other rarities, are considered as lucky. A common idiom is "to be in clover', which means to be living in carefree ease, comfort or prosperity. The four leaf clover symbolizes that Clover Display never gives up in developing new applications for different products and market sectors.

    A strong R&D team in Hong Kong allows Clover Dispaly to continuously develop LCD and LCM for new applications. In 1993, an 8000 square metre factory was established in Shunde, which specialize's in customer design LCD and LCM for industrial applications.

    In March 2001, Clover China Display (Shenzhen) Limited was established with production lines and facilities granted ISO 9001 and ISO 14001certification to ensure product and service quality.
  • Digiwise

    DigiWise was founded by a group of experienced investors from the displays and touch panel industries. They employ skilled and experienced people in the field of displays, backlights, touch and integration. The company has a strong R&D base which is combined with sales & marketing people with a proven track record over the past 10 years.

    Digiwise specialty is to provide a full range of small and medium size TFTs , the standard sizes start from 3.5 up to 10.4 inch and others that are suitable for the industrial market and a multitude of related industries.  

    Digiwise Displays offer wide viewing angles, wide temperature range, high contrast and brightness. Customers benefit from high end development capabilities that result in tailor made solutions, signal integration, touch panel lamination and optical bonding.  With true expertise in the field of display design and assembly Digiwise are able to create products that are commercially available for a longer period of time

  • Direct Insight

    Fast to market solutions for smart, connected devices.

    Direct Insight provides adaptable solutions, enabling you to bring smart, connected embedded devices to market quickly and cost-effectively.

    We are experienced specialists in combining existing and bespoke technology to create a pragmatic solution which meets the commercial and technical needs of our customers. Often existing platforms are adapted or evolved, avoiding the delay and expense of a ground up approach.

    We use ARM, x86 and FPGA technologies, with Linux, Android and Windows Embedded operating systems.

  • DLC
    DLC Display Co., Limited is located in Shenzhen City, China with offices in Hong Kong offering logistic and financial services.

    Over the last 15 years they have become industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of display products. DLC offers Monochrome TN/STN, TFT and OLED displays including all other ancillary components related to displays.
    Their transflective TFT displays enable viewing under direct sunlight, which provides tremendous value and is appealing to customers worldwide. IPS and LTPS panels provide a wide viewing angle, another favorable aspect in the electronic display market.
    The product portfolio contains more than 200 different models of TN, STN, DSTN, Monochrome and TFT colour displays, as well as many monochrome OLED displays, all available in sizes ranging from 0.49 to 15 inch, and working temperatures between -30℃ and +85℃. Their products are widely used in automotive, medical and military applications.

  • Disteck

    Disteck are a Korean manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of AD and ARM based controller boards, driving TFT displays from AUO, NLT, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Sharp.

  • EDT

    Established since 1994, EDT has grown into a global organization that showcases the best and brightest solutions for both display and touch solutions.

    EDT are completely devoted to their goal of offering the best in Quality, Technology, Service and Value to their customers, providing them with a competitive advantage in their respective fields. From their up-front design capability during early development cycle's to leading process control throughout manufacturing production, EDT strives for superior design without compromise.

    EDT is a leader within the Display and Capacitive Touch Panel market. Having ISO certified productions facilities in both Taiwan and China, they will continue to be innovative and perform extensive efforts to bring highly reliable products to the market. The products they make will have optimal viewing performance, as well as being user friendly and cost effective.

    EDT are committed to exceed customer expectations in their needs for the next generation of visual and touch solutions


    LCDIS have developed proprietary controller boards to connect your LCD's to any source. All the boards are based on FPGA architecture, which is unique on the market.

    The reason behind is that the controllers are truly industrial, ie they were built with high MTBF and long life cycle in mind. This was impossible to achieve with the consumer scaler chips on the market (short life, narrow temperature range). Thanks to this choice, they all can operate from -40°c to +85°c (option).

  • Multi-Inno Technology

    MULTI-INNO Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company, pioneering technology-intensive service companies for LCD, LCD module products and complete panel solutions.

    Since founded, Multi-Inno has developed vast product and technological knowledge combined with an extensive supplier network.

    Their core business covers the products of display (LCDs, LEDs), Keypads, PCB with SMT/COB solutions and other semiconductors.

  • Santek
    San Technology, Inc. (Santek) is based in San Diego, California and specializes in LCD TFT displays. Whilst their headquarters are located in San Diego, their main manufacturing factory was established in Shanghai, China in 2003. In addition to the Shanghai plant, Santek operates a second factory in Zhuhai, China, and a third factory in Tijuana, Mexico.

    Today, the Shanghai and Zhuhai factories employ approximately 1,000 employees. In addition to the world headquarters in the United States and three factories in China and Mexico, there are subsidiaries in Japan, Hong Kong, and Germany to meet the needs of Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Santek's worldwide network provides the highest-quality products and services to their customers around the globe.