Open Frame Solutions

Open Frame Monitors feature an HDMI input, audio line output and an auto dimming brightness control circuit. The displays from 7 inch to 32 inch are enclosed in an aluminium casing, that supports both VESA and flange mounting.

The open frame design allows you to seamlessly integrate a display into your new design, with a wide selection of options including cover glass, CTP and RTP touch controller panels, optical bonding and mounting kits to provide a customised monitor to fit your specific application’s.

The Benefits of Open Frame Displays

Open Frame Displays are ideal for use in many industry sectors including casino gaming machines, video gaming machines, information kiosk, medical equipment, POS (Point of Sale), multimedia monitor for advertising and scientific instrumentation. Open Frame Displays offer simple touch and multi-touch screen functions allowing information to be accessed quickly.

Open Frame Monitors provide rich content for many applications due to the screen quality and ability to display videos, images and slides in full HD (FHD).

Open Frame Displays are available in a range of brightness options from 300cd/m2 to 1500cd/m2 so image and video quality does not have to be compromised regardless of whether your display is in direct sunlight or under artificial light.

Open Frame Monitors

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