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LCDTek were established in 2008 as a specialist in the design and supply of LCD and TFT Displays and Embedded Solutions.

LCDTEK offers an extensive and varied range of display modules from leading manufacturers Amulet, BOE, CDTech, Clover, Digiwise, Disteck, DLC, EDT, Multi-Inno and Santek.

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    In this section, you'll find information on leading-edge products which complement our range of LCD displays. These products allow you to build your own high-end embedded system. Create sophisticated, graphically rich touchscreen solutions from Amulet Technology and EDT's family of Smart Embedded displays. The Disteck range of embedded controllers based on ARM and Intel processors support Android, Linux, and Windows and the Digiwise family of HDMI-ready displays can simplify your next design.

  • IEC Products

    IECTek is a newly formed division of LCDtek. Established in Q2 2021 IECTek is focused on the growing market area of sensors for specialist applications such as medical and HVAC applications and the growing field of machine vision and AI processing.

    IECTek has already signed its first innovative line Superior Sensors Inc. and in the coming months, you will see a number of other new innovative semiconductor companies join our portfolio. Watch this space.